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Active Citizenship


Using Technology as a Tool in fighting Gender Based Violence

We held a discussion led by led by Miss Joanita Nvannungi. She holds a postgraduate certificate in ICT and Leadership. She coaches and mentors young innovators under the applied ICT and leadership program at IHSU. She is a 2017/2019 Next Einstein Forum Ambassador to Uganda. Key Points from the discussion

  • Technology has become a part our nature and unfortunately, so had GBV, therefore it there is a chance to use ICT in fighting and perhaps prevention of GBV.
  • Through campaigns such as #MeToo, the place of technology and the Internet in exposing GBV has been identified to create awareness on GBV.
  • Social media is a tool to do so much good. She urged all the participants to use their platforms to promote awareness on GBV.
  • Unfortunately, there haven’t been any tools developed in Uganda yet, to prevent GBV. In countries like India, South Africa and America.
  • Women suffer the most GBV, for the cases that get reported.
  • The power of a story. Social media holds a lot of potential to create awareness on people’s plight. A story goes a long way in making known what is happening in people’s lives and to provide assistance.
  • She encouraged collaboration in developing any tools and applications to report and fight GBV. Technology is not the solution; it is only a tool to be used by people in promoting GBV reporting.
  • With development of a tool, information on how to use it effectively ought to be shared widely. The tools developed should easily useable, responsive and receptive.

Active Citizenship -2

Wall of Commitment

After every discussion, the participants commit to being active citizens

Active citizenship – 3

Arts as a tool for Social Justice

Art has a great role in speaking to issues that plain words cannot explain. We employ poetry during our discussions as a tool for advocating for human rights and social Justice.

Picture 1. Rashida Namulondo recites a poem at one of the content cafes.