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Anger and Bitterness


One day I will run out of patience
And all the shit you’ve been feeding me will be shoved down your windpipe
So all you’ll breathe is shit
Yet you won’t be able to yell “shit”
I’ll cut off your head,
And chop your fucking body like onions for Kachumbari.
You are an asshole
Fuckin’ messed up shit
You are filth
You cheating, thieving, lying, self-righteous motherfucker.

You mess up lives and you think you’ll have it clean?

I wish your guts spill and the shit you are full of
Sprouts out of your mouth
Like a fuckin toilet
That’s been flushed.

That is what you are
You are shit
And I need to flush you down the toilet before you give me cholera
Fuck you.
Anger and bitterness
Can’t be wished away
They can be written off
Like a bad debt

Anger and bitterness,
Write them off
Deal with them
Frown, cry, throw
But don’t break
Don’t hurt

Anger and Bitterness
They can spill your guts
Don’t waste on them

Keep it whole
Piece it together
Piece by Piece
Until you have calm and peace

Don’t crush

You are weak
Before Anger and Bitterness
Don’t be strong
Don’t be a wall
Be wind instead
Let that shit
Run through your mind like air through lungs
Breathe in and let your eyes tear down the walls of anger and bitterness.

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