Stories for Human Rights and Social Inclusion



When you find home

Tell her I have waited for her

In between linen sheets

Four blankets over my head

But the cold still slips through.


Tell her I have been waiting

On the streets staring through strangers’ eyes

Street babies unattended to, staring right back at me

Looking for her in my eyes.

A taxi conductor

Shouting out his lungs.

Mama Ogende!

Still I stood out in the coldness,



When you see home

Whisper to her

I have been waiting

In between cuddles of very fine men

Chests became pillows

Sipping on lips for breakfast.

They tried to wait with me

Caressing the cold out of me

Till I grew cold again.


Tell her I have been waiting

In coffee shops

On dancing floors

Filling the room with my laughter

A ripple of gold and sunshine

I have been waiting

At parties

At the beach

With the breeze

Dancing to my heart beat.

I have been waiting

With face book friends

Sharing our Instagram photos

Pictures of new borns

Haunting my subconscious


When you see home

Whisper to her

Tell her

She lied.

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